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The cordless, hand held power scrubber that takes the work out of cleaning!

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Is your bathroom a disaster? Tired of scrubbing and breaking your back to clean that mess?

Hi, Anthony Sullivan here – and this is the Turbo Scrub! The cordless, rechargeable power scrubber that tackles even the toughest messes quick and easy! Look how it makes this old tile look like new! Turbo Scrub is tough enough to break down caked on messes for a deep cleaning on any surface. Use it in the shower for hard water stains, calcium, lime, rust and build up, nothing’s better than the Turbo Scrub! For tough areas like the bathroom sink, watch the brush conform to fixtures and fittings. For ring-around-the-tub, use the Turbo Scrub with the Extension Wand. You never bend your back and it spins at over 300RPM making tough jobs like this quick and easy!

To scrub up high or clean down low –Turbo Scrub’s the way to go! It’s perfect to cut through grungy grout on tile walls and shower stalls. Just scrub and rinse! With the Cone Brush, Turbo Scrub easily cleans those hard to reach areas like shower door jams! Its angled bristles are perfect for getting into tough hard to clean corners! If you hate cleaning the toilet, get a Turbo Scrub. It does the dirty work so you don’t have to. In the kitchen, easily clean cooktops, stoves or metal grates...it cleans everything AND the kitchen sink! It’s perfect for scrubbing grime out of sliding glass door track...and tackles road grime from your rims with ease!

Call or click now to get the Turbo Scrub complete with All-Purpose Brush, Extension Wand and Charger! As a bonus, you’ll also get the Cone Brush and the Flat Brush FREE! Order now and we’ll double the offer FREE! Just pay a separate fee.

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